Granola "CRUNCHY", 300 g

  • Granola "CRUNCHY", 300 g

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    Momose CRUNCHY granola has a delicate flavour of peanut butter saltiness and poppy seeds crispness. This granola favored not only by adults, its also favored by children. More than 55% of components are nuts and seeds. 


    Over 20 percent of population are intolerant to lactose. Lactose is a milk sugar found in mammalian milk and its products. After using milk products, various side effects may occur: bloating, pain, nausea, diarrhea, and so on. Our products can be used with confidence by people who are lactose intolerant. 

    People are becoming more aware and increasingly paying more attention to their dietary peculiarities by choosing a vegan diet. For this purpose, we have created granola that do not contain products of animal origin or their traces. Therefore, this granola can become a great dietary supplement for vegetarians and vegans. 

    Made from carefully selected ingredients, roasted at low temperatures to maintain all vitamins. Contains no artificial colours, fragrances, enchancers or other preservatives. We recomend it with natural or Greek yogurt, kefir, curd, milk. To flavour porridges, green cocktails, salads, desserts.


    OAT FLAKES  32%, CHOPPED PEANUTS 16%, Pumpkin seeds 12%, Sunflower seeds 11% PEANUT BUTTER 10%, Honey 8%, Blue poppy seeds 7%, Coconut oil 4%.

    For ALLERGENS see ingredients is BOLD CAPITALS  


    NUTRITION INFO 100 g   50 g 
    Energy, kJ / ckal 2185 / 524  1093 / 262 
    Fat  30.8  15.4 
    Of which saturates  9.3  4.6 
    Carbohydrate  38.0  19.0 
    Of wich sugars  9.3  4.6 
    Fiber  8.5  4.2 
    Protein  19.5  19.5 


    The country of origin of raw materials is the EU and not only