About us

  • We all love, appreciate and cherish food made by our moms. This is exactly what our GRANOLA tastes, made by good food passionate MOMOSE team! Translating MOMOSE from Japanese means “Like at moms”. And that says it all - trust to MOMOSE, load yourself with energy, enjoy the taste and keep smiling!
    MOMOSE Granola history starts back in 2020’s. Covid19 pandemic situation messed up our plans to continue with our healthy food oriented coffee shop business. But a dream to keep our clients happy by making a healthy, high quality and delicious food brought us to the idea of MOMOSE granola. That’s when our hard working and creative team started to make granola, healthy and natural breakfast meal, rich in seeds, nuts, honey and all the other wholesome ingredients for energetic start of your every day. That was a real challenge, but we made it! After a long period of experiments and fails, we finally succeeded.

    Our wonderful granola was finally fully developed. Handmade with love and special attention to the quality of ingredients and taste. We are proud to present you 6 different flavours of granola. They include all natural ingredients full of fibre, vitamins and minerals, very low in sugar. Not a single food additive is used which marks with E sign. Delicious and subtle sweetness is made by using natural honey or maple syrup - no refined sugars. For us it’s very important that we managed to master Slow Roast process - it allows us to keep all the best properties of ingredients, without formation of acrylamide that is known as carcinogenic material. Nutritious granola is suitable for athletes, children, gluten intolerant people, vegans and vegetarians and for everyone who wants to eat healthy. Our team cares not only about healthy lifestyle and good mood of our clients, but also we do care about cleaner environment as well. All our packages are made from recycled and recyclable plastic.